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Probabilistic Combinatorics Online 2020

September 23 - 25

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Random structures play a crucial role in combinatorics, with links to theoretical computer science, statistical physics, study of social networks, the spread of epidemics. The workshop will bring together experts in the area, providing a venue for sharing ideas and, in particular, exposing postgraduate students to cutting edge international research.

The workshop is organised by the Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric Structures and the Laboratory of Advanced Combinatorics and Network Applications at MIPT (Russia).

Important Dates & Schedule

PCO’20 will be held on September 23-25, 2020 balancing time slots that are easier to attend from European time zones on the one hand and from North and South American time zones on the other hand.

You can see the full schedule here. If you want to get updates via email, please register. Note that registration is not required, and we will publish all the important information on how to join openly on this website.

Materials of the conference

The videos of the talks are available on this YouTube channel. You may also find the links in the schedule alongside with the abstracts and slides.