About MIPT

MIPT Laboratories

PCO'20 is organised by the two laboratories at MIPT (also known as Phystech). Our laboratories offer a lot of other events, such as workshops, conferences, courses and seminar talks on different topics, connected to combinatorics. Visit the following webpages to find out more.

These Laboratories belong to Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (FPMI). We invite everyone to learn more about FPMI. Here is the official page in English. Detailed information and lots of study materials you can find on the YouTube Channel (in Russian) and on the official FPMI page (also in Russian).

Bachelor / Master's Programmes 2020 at MIPT

For everyone who is interested in studying Combinatorics and Computer Science, MIPT offers 4 programmes in English. Two of them are online. Follow this link for details.